CIC/CCI 1 et 2* Touscayrats / Verdalle 2013

We will design the course and suppply the XC fences in Verdalle (France) for the CIC* and CCI** which will take place from 20th to 23th in June 2013.


Grand Prix Classic Fontainebleau 2013

A new event organized by Volta Sports in Fontainebleau (France) with a CIC*. We will design the course and supply the XC fences. More on

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Sandillon International 17 au 20 mai 2013

Benoit Marchand will be the course designer and will build the XC fences for the CIC*** in Sandillon (France) from 17th to 20th in May 2013.

CICO Fontainebleau 2013

We built the XC fences of the CICO that held in Fonainebleau (France) in march 2013.

Lignières en Berry 2012

We supplied some XC fences for the CIC* and CIC** of Lignières en Berry (France) that held in October 2012.